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All Praises to YAH! Welcome to the Place for YAH'S Remnant to Return to Him! Here on our website you can connect to all things about YAH, and all the congregations that Serve the only True and living ELohim! 

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Mowreh Elesha was the Servant of YAHWEH, and one of His Prophets, that Taught Thus saith YAH for over 45 Years. Mowreh Elesha YisraEL was a Teacher of Teachers and the Founder of the Congregations known as the "House of YisraEL." Mowreh Elesha's influence helped raise teachers such as Mowreh IshiYAH Ben YisraEL, Mowreh Yehoshua Ben YisraEL and the Late Mowreh Herman Taylor of the House of YisraEL of Jackson MS. Elesha YisraEL is the Visionary Founder of the Restoration of the Sacred Laws of the Most High Conference, and the Inspiring Founder of the World Ingathering of the Children of YisraEL Group. YAH was with Mowreh Elesha the entire 70 years of his Life. We of the World Ingathering of the Children of YisraEL are happy to Share with You his teachings, that YAH blessed him with. HaleluYAH! 


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Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired;
Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of YAHWEH come upon you, before the day of YAHWEH'S anger come upon you. Seek ye YAHWEH, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of YAHWEH'S Anger.

2017 Leadership Conference:  Restoration of the Sacred Laws of the Most High Conference 

The New Hebrew Play!!!! By Hebrews: Deuteronomy 28: The God that We Forgot! 


Find out the Truth about YAH'S Signs, Seasons, Days, and Years!!!  by Mowreh IshiYAH 


Setting the Crooked Things Straight is the compilation of the most revolutionary biblical teachings presented in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, by the Prophet of YAHWEH; Mowreh Elesha YisraEL, the late Leader and Founder of The World Ingathering of the Children of YisraEL Group: The House of YisraEL. Mowreh Elesha, was sent by YAH, to set the crooked things that have been taught to the so-called African American; straight.
For nearly 400 years the descendants of Slaves in America have been taught corrupted spiritual, religious and cultural statutes, customs, and morality. Mowreh Elesha with these writings presented what the Pure Word of YAHWEH states about: Who are the Black People in America, How do we celebrate Passover, The truth about Christianity, and Islam. Also Elesha Yisrael conveys YAH'S messages about how to keep the Sabbath Day, when a Day truly begins and ends and Much MORE!!! If you are seeking the Word of YAH, "Setting the Crooked Things Straight" will help guide you on your path! HaleluYAH!

What is the True Religion of The Black Man, are the Ten Points Mowreh Elesha Presented at Central State University in 2006 to an audience and Panel of Biblical Scholars, Pastors, and Imams. Not one of these Ministers were able to refute the Words of YAH at this Historical conversation. And Now You can read for yourself the most Powerful Points to Prove YAH is the Only Elohim for the Black Man in America! 

What are the 7 Everlasting Covenants YAH Made With his Holy People YIsraEL? 

Read the Truth That was Revealed to Mowreh Elesha by YAH the only Law Giver! 


What are the Boycotts the House of YisraEL Supports?